fog generators

The installation of a fog generator system has as final goal the protection of people and belongings from the intrusive actions of criminals.

The fog generator system  operates with a single mode, to prevent the criminal from the vision of the premisses in which he has entered and thusly the objects contained in it, leaving  him an evident and open escape way (usually the door/opening through which the thief has entered).

The ANTI THEFT fog generator system is an indispensable complement in an ANTI ROBBERY system.

We read every day in the newspapers about thefts done by thieves that succeed in acting in a very short time, about three to four minutes, even if the anti intrusion installation has come into operation and the siren has been activated and a telephone combiner has warned the Police or the Private Vigilance. The theft is perpetrated in such a short time and the Customer is left with the damage and the Police to write down a report.

The fog generator system diffuses a very thik fog in the premisses that will prevent the thief from seeing anything and so act, as he won’t be able to steel what he cannot see, right when the allarm is set off, within a few seconds from the entrance.

The fog generator system is therefore a fundamental ANTI THEFT aid, as it prevents the criminal from steeling, whenever he has been able to enter the premessis protected by the ANTI ROBBERY system.

They who want to be protected by a smoke-making system don’t want to catch the thief, instead they want him to leave, empty handed and without having caused any damage.

In order to satisfy this simple but essential need of the Costumer, it is necessary that our technicians inspect the building, also together with your trusted anti robbery system installer, in order to evaluate the technical caracteristics and also the correct type of smoke-making system, the correct spot of installation for the product and the indespensible type of programming for the supply of the fog stream.

The smoke produced and led into the premisses can be determined through a programming in the supply mode, continuous or intermittently, and also for the quantity of smoke supply; the product that forms the smoke is not toxic, is not electroconductive and is made of distilled water and propylene Glycol. It can therefor be used in every type of room, without any fear of damage to belongings or persons.

Propylene Glycol, the ingredient of the smoke spurt together with the distilled water, is already in use in many activities and in products as:

  • solvent in many pharmaceutical products;
  • in formulas for oral use, injectable and for topic use;
  • moisturizer in medicines and cosmetics;
  • food additive with labled with the sign E1520;
  • fragrance carrier;
  • ingredient in massage oils;

Our technical office provides the release of the documents for the installation design, the supplementary documents for the design for the connection of the electric installation and, for what concernes premisses under controll of the Fire Brigade, the signaling of the smoke-making system and further possible documents and projects for the alteration/integration of eventual antifire installations with existing smoke detection.