Panic Room

Panic room

A panic room consists in a room operating essentially as an extreme refuge in case of intrusive attac in the house or in the work rooms. Even the best perfoming traditional allarm systems cannot prevent criminals to enter in rooms and premisses that we want to protect. Despite the use of sirens, signals of ongoing theft to the Police and/or Private Vigilance, the most determined criminals succeed in entering within the premisses, and so violating the personal belongings and jeopardizing the fisical security of the tenants. The realization of a una panic room allows the tenants to seek refuge in a room accomplished following the tecnical needs and aesthetical canons of the Customer, at the very first intrusion signal.

What sets a panic room apart from the other rooms?

  • A panic room presents an entrance that is not identifiable by the aggressors, as it is camouflaged in the existing rooms; a panic room has normally a security door;
  • a panic room has usually a monitor on which the images are shewn of what happens outside of it;
  • a panic room has a telephone/internet connection, in order to reach the outside and allert the authorities about the ongoing situation;
  • a panic room can be equipped with instruments designed to contrast the aggressor, for instance the manual control of the smoke-making systems for the rooms most subject to attac or more “sensitive”;
  • a panic room can have all comforts necessary for a stay varying from a few hours to whole days, at the specific request of the Customer;
  • a panic room can be used as a personal caveau, almost impossible to find and to violate.